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It’s true: The fastest way to the top of Google is to pay to be there. But you might be surprised to learn that it’s not always the one with the deepest pockets who comes out on top. Google’s AdWords is an excellent means of acquiring business through Google’s search engine, without having to enter… Read More.

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“Genius is the ability to reduce the complicated to the simple” – C. W. Ceram Words are meaningful and expressive. A simple string of rhythmical words has the ability to sell your product, enrich your services and give meaning to your website. Yet, why do so many people struggle when it comes to writing quality content… Read More.

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Panda is the name of one of the algorithms used by Google to decide the order in which sites will rank in their search results. Panda is specifically designed to cull sites with low quality or ‘cut and paste’ content. It became known to many people as they suddenly saw their website rankings plummet when… Read More.

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Optimising a page for a specific key phrase involves many steps. My blog today will focus on what I consider the three quickest steps that will give you the most “bang for your buck”. This blog post is written to help the non-SEO minded person to understand how to make some simple, yet effective changes… Read More.

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Marketing and strategy

A lot of people misunderstand the purpose of having a digital marketing strategy. Before signing up, you should ask yourself – what type of outcome do I wish to receive from having one? It is too easy to say that you want to make more money (everyone wants to do that). Business owners don’t always want… Read More.

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Return Customer

When you consider the sheer vastness of the hundreds of millions of websites that make up the internet today, it’s amazing to think that for most of us our average browsing is often limited to only a handful of bookmarked websites or E Commerce stores that we regularly visit. When your website is your businesses… Read More.

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Everyone can relate to the world of digital technology, but the problem is that not many people can understand the way it works because it may seem either too confusing or too expensive. Many businesses, both young and old simply don’t have a digital marketing strategy in place whatsoever. The fact is that making the… Read More.

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If you’re interested in our affordable web design, you’re probably also keen to utilise other inexpensive, yet effective ways to promote your business. Currently, one of the most popular ways to do this is via a Facebook page. People “Like” the page, you use the page to connect with the “Likers” and advertise the business…. Read More.

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The Importance of Market Research Your market research is one of the most crucial steps in developing your business plan and marketing strategy. If you’ve been following some of the stories on Fast Company or Flying Solo (and as small business we know you are), then you would have come across an article on Justin… Read More.

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