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As an interface designer, I’m always on the hunt for high quality icons to use in my designs. Icons can serve many purposes, from making text links more functional and easy to understand, to simply adding some fun detail to make your design more attractive. Here are my three go-to websites for unique, elegant and… Read More.

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I have, at one stage, been called The Queen of Patterns here at MyWork due to my somewhat obsessive use of patterns and textures in my website designs. I love them. Any excuse to use a pattern, I will. A well placed pattern, subtle or loud, can not only give the design depth and dimension,… Read More.

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In addition to the five great google fonts of my previous post, here I have discussed two beautiful, stylish and very extensive google webfont families and their variants. If you’re looking for a font family with a great range of possibilities for different heading styles or you just want to try out a few tricks… Read More.

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From getting fit, to planning a wedding and even monitoring regular bowel movements, there is quite truthfully an app for almost every aspect of life. So, in a frantic attempt to become a more organised human between the time of graduating university, starting a new job and moving houses, I did what every early twenty-something… Read More.

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The web is powering forward at an astounding pace and the ever increasing level of technology constant keeps those in the web design industry on their toes. If you can’t keep up, you could quickly find yourself way behind the pack. As a designer, time is of the essence so I am always on the… Read More.

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As a designer at MyWork, I regularly work with clients that are just starting out with their business. This often means they haven’t yet had a chance to get good quality photographs of their products or services. In this scenario, stock photos are a lifesaver when building a website as there are literally millions of… Read More.

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There are so many OpenCart Modules available on the OpenCart Extensions website which means that there could be 10 different modules that perform the feature you are looking for. This can make it very hard to decide what extension to is suitable for you and unfortunately if you pick the wrong one you may end up with… Read More.

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The following are 3 image resources that I use on a daily basis. They can be tools for web designers or just anyone editing images for the web. IRFANVIEW Irfanview is a free lightweight viewer for images. I prefer to use this as my default image viewer as it isn’t as clunky as Windows Image… Read More.

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Codrops Playground I’ve come across this only recently and I can tell you there is some pretty cool stuff in there.  From effects to styles, from animations to interaction, the Codrops playground has got a lot of cool things. Font Awesome Font Awesome is great, it’s an icon font built for Bootstrap. Lots of… Read More.

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Design Inspiration

Before getting any graphic work done professionally, most designers would recommend doing some research and figuring out exactly what you want. This prevents a situation where the brief is too vague, so the designer comes back with something different to what you pictured. Needless to say, this sort of experience can damage the working relationship between… Read More.

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