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As the Senior Design Lead at MyWork, I’m closely involved in interviewing and hiring new designers for our team. After seeing the good, the bad and the ugly of designer applications, here’s some tips for not only submitting a great resume, but how to stand out from the crowd when applying for a design job…. Read More.

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As an interface designer, I’m always on the hunt for high quality icons to use in my designs. Icons can serve many purposes, from making text links more functional and easy to understand, to simply adding some fun detail to make your design more attractive. Here are my three go-to websites for unique, elegant and… Read More.

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We’re working on a new project at MyWork. It is something we’re excited about. This new project will not only improve how we run our company, but hopefully allow other Web Design companies and freelancers around the world to improve their businesses as well. We’ll be revealing more about this in the near future, however today I… Read More.

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In the age of digital perfection, with our infinitely scalable designs and complex gradients, we often look back with heartfelt nostalgia at previous, imperfect design techniques and outcomes. The human element to these designs is often charming enough to make them successful and the limitations are frequently imitated to bring this touch to our modern,… Read More.

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Jester Race

I’ve been a fan of metal since my mid-teens. Even as my musical tastes have broadened and mellowed with my age, I can still return to metal and get lost listening to certain albums. I’m not sure what first drew me in – whether it was the innate teen urge to rebel (albeit conform), the technical… Read More.

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In an age of unprecedented technological growth in an increasingly busy society, the question must be asked – Is the Web more effective than Print for advertising a business?  Now, I’m sure I don’t have to go into too much depth to persuade you of the power of the Internet. In fact, two key words… Read More.

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As a designer, getting the creative juices flowing and learning how to master the art of avoiding distractions is key to producing quality work. However, such a skill has proven to be extremely challenging for most designers, particularly those working in an office.  Several colleagues on the phone or someone trying to smash a high… Read More.

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I have, at one stage, been called The Queen of Patterns here at MyWork due to my somewhat obsessive use of patterns and textures in my website designs. I love them. Any excuse to use a pattern, I will. A well placed pattern, subtle or loud, can not only give the design depth and dimension,… Read More.

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In addition to the five great google fonts of my previous post, here I have discussed two beautiful, stylish and very extensive google webfont families and their variants. If you’re looking for a font family with a great range of possibilities for different heading styles or you just want to try out a few tricks… Read More.

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Make it Bigger

The following is a few feedback requests that every web designer has encountered before. Working with a designer, you yourself may have even actioned such requests. I want to go through these statements and try to explain why they may not always be the best solution to your problem. Make the logo BIGGER Branding is… Read More.

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