Turn Your Website Management into a Habit


Throughout the time I’ve been at MyWork, there have been many new and interesting things that I have learnt here. One of which being; websites take a lot of effort! Not to turn you off or anything, but from the concept stages all the way to a website’s launch there are many steps that our awesome team take care of in order to provide you with an amazing website!

But Sean has just given us a rundown on how to engage your customers through creating your website for them. So, I am going to talk about what happens afterwards and why you need to look after your website like it’s your newborn.

If you choose to go digital and build a website for your awesome business then the work doesn’t stop at your launch (obviously). If your customers love your product/ service they will want to engage with you online and you will, in turn, want to engage back. This is why taking on the digital sphere with your business, while an obvious step, is one you need to consider carefully. Because upkeep is key.

Don’t you hate when you follow a really great Instagram account but they only post once a month? It’s great suspense but terrible for keeping people engaged. This same ideal applies to not only your social media but also your website. Did you update a service of yours? Got an event coming up? Got a blog page? Make sure you plan ahead and keep it updated, the internet seems immediate but sadly the planning and production behind it is not.

Do you check Twitter for a while before you go to bed? Replace this with updating content on your website/social media. Work your website and social media for your business into your daily lifestyle.

Eat, Sleep, Update your online content, Repeat.

Make sure that the content you are giving your audience is something that appeals to them because they are ultimately the ones that you are trying to engage. When are they most commonly online? Post then. What is a mutual theme between your customers? Relate to that. It’s not just about bringing your customers in, but about keeping them there and having them actually wanting to stay.

There are also many new technologies being created constantly that can help you improve your website. Research these. Look into if it would benefit your business and if it would help you to retain customers, because that’s what it’s all about really. Our team is always happy to help you upgrade your website and make it even more awesome!

Learning about your website platform is also super helpful because it means you can make the changes that you want to make, when you want to make them (although our team is always happy to give you a hand, of course!)

Your website will become the little brother to your business. The one who didn’t necessarily come first but is just as important and worth your time as the first. Provide your customers with an easy way to access your product or service and a way to attract them to your business and keep them around!

If you’re looking at starting a fantastic website and keeping that online content updated then feel free to submit an inquiry online or call us on 1300 809 424 to have a chat about your new website!

  • Web Sprout

    Hey Nicole..Thank you for sharing this info…Got to learn new things…specially the trick you’ve mentioned to find out the timing when people are online and post.