Understanding Web-design/SEO services

A lot of clients ask me how certain procedures work or the process involved in creating a website. It could be from something like how certain elements of the design work or regarding online marketing. To clear up this common question asked by many clients, I am going to explain the top queries some of my clients have;

Understanding how Google basically works

Understanding how Google works will help you make decisions in the future in regards to your website and online presence. You have to always imagine Google as a business themselves, separate from MyWork and separate form yourselves. In saying this, all Google simply wants is good websites to come up on page one. If you want to be on page one, you have to have a good website in Google’s eyes based on the given phrase.

Now, Google has a massive criteria that defines what is a good website vs a bad website, but in a nutshell, it’s just the user-friendliness and good, relative, well-structured informational website that will get you to the top. Google also deliberately makes it difficult, time consuming and expensive to get you to the top so that in turn, puts pressure on you as a business owner to have the best website and constantly improve it.

At the end of the day, this makes Google an awesome search engine experience. You type something in and all these amazing websites come up with good information, mobile friendly etc.

So don’t be afraid to do some Google marketing!

Understanding what hosting is and why there is an ongoing cost

A website in simple terms is just a bunch of files, text, images and code that tells those files what to do and how to look on your screen. Every website will have some form of ongoing fee, from your domain name, emails to the hosting of the website itself. Everyone has heard the term ‘the cloud’ which is basically a computer somewhere in the world that is holding the data, files, images that you can access anytime from any computer.

So in the case of a website, to be able to have people visit your site at any time of the day whenever they like, those files that make up your website need to be constantly accessible. This is what hosting is; a copy of your website that is readily available for download should someone wish to visit your site. Companies will usually charge a fee to house your site on their servers, on an annual/monthly basis.

If you are curious about how any other online service is accomplished or if you are in the need for some web based services, feel free to give MyWork a call on 1300 809 424 and ask for Travis.

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