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Careers at MyWork

Stemming from humble beginnings, MyWork has made a notable mark in the Australian digital industry having enjoyed rapid expansion to becoming one of Australia’s leading digital design companies.

Our creative, fun and relaxed work environment can largely be attributed to these humble beginnings and a strong team dynamic. MyWork are all about giving our employees an inspiring space in which to work and achieve their full potential in every task they set their minds to.

At MyWork you can guarantee no two days are ever the same. From logo design for a new boutique shop, to website re-working for an established business, to managing the social media presence of an expanding client. With a diverse range of responsibilities crossing over our Web Design, Development and Digital Marketing teams, each day presents its own unique challenges and rewards that follow.

Our growing team possess a vast wealth of technical and practical knowledge complemented by ongoing developmental opportunities. Keep reading to find out more about our company and see how you can become a part of our team.

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PLAY a little fun never hurt anyone

Just as we love the work we do, we are also passionate about ensuring a strong team culture by delivering a fun work/life balance most people dream of. With annual parties, regular Friday drinks, monthly team lunches, footy tipping competitions, ping-pong, video games and more, we pride ourselves on being a contemporary company that cares just as much about doing exceptional work as we care about rewarding that hard work.