Black & White Cabs

Always at the forefront of technology within the industry, Black & White Cabs sought a digital partner to rebuild their website and advance their online booking capabilities.
Website (WordPress), Custom Development
Black & White Cabs

The client

Black & White Cabs has a long and proud history, serving our community for over 100 years. One thing that hasn’t changed is how much we value our customers. Our goal is to continue to be the Industry Leader, and to develop new and exciting ways to make your experience with Black & White Cabs the best and safest it can possibly be.
What was required

The brief

Design Refresh
Design a new website that would assist passengers both as a source of information and simple way to estimate and book a taxi.
Promote New Phone App
Launching a new booking app for mobiles, the new website needed to highlight this new innovation.
Driver LMS & Recruitment
The new website needed to be able to accommodate the Black & White Cabs LMS for driver onboarding and function as a recruitment resource of potential new drivers.
Uptime Reliability
Ensure the website has constant uptime and can be accessed from anywhere in the world, at any time.
Fare Estimator Integration
Black & White Cabs needed a new digital partner capable of seamlessly integrate their pre-existing booking and estimator platform into the new website.
What MyWork did

The solution

With such a well known and respected brand like Black & White Cabs, the MyWork team were pretty excited to get stuck into this particular project.

Being a century old means lack & White Cabs have stood the test of time. We were keen to develop a brand-new WordPress website that showcased both the celebrated history of the company itself, and also the people behind the brand; the drivers and their passengers.

One thing that hasn’t changed over the years is how much Black & White Cabs value its customers, and with this new website their goal was to continue to be the industry leader. In developing new and exciting ways to make the Black & White Cabs experience the best it can possibly be, MyWork collaborated with the Black & White Cabs team to breathe new life into their website.

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Black & White Cabs

Website (WordPress), Custom Development
Client testimonial
Thank you for your work on the website, it’s looking fantastic! Congratulations (and big thanks) to your team. We think it looks great.
Post completion

The results

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