Char Baby

Using WordPress and Woo, MyWork designed ecommerce store to help Char Baby pivot from traditional catering servcies to contactless drop boxes during COVID.
Website (WordPress), Ecommerce (Woo), Web Maintenance
Char Baby

The client

From gourmet breakfasts, lunches, and dinners to picnic hampers, canapés, and cakes made of cheese, Char Baby caters for all events including weddings, corporate events, private parties, and cocktail parties. Char Baby’s unique grazing tables are tailored to your budget and imagination.
What was required

The brief

Ongoing Support
With limited time and in-house knowledge to dedicate to website upkeep, the team at Char Baby needed a technology partner they could reply on to help with website upkeep.
Design Refresh
Design a fully functional, user-focused website
Online Ordering
Integrate WooCommerce to allow for direct sales and contactless delivery of drop boxes during the pandemic.
Uptime reliability
At a time when many businesses were struggling to stay open, the Char Baby team needed a reliable online store-front that would be available 24/7
What MyWork did

The solution

Having used the Char Baby for a number of catering events in the past, the MyWork team understood the business needs and the urgency many businesses faced during the pandemic to pivot to new forms of revenue.

With the increase in business shifting to contactless drop boxes and online ordering, the time was right for the Char Baby team to invest in their online presence.

Being a relatively new endeavour for many traditional food and beverage businesses, the practicalities of continuing to deliver the highest possible gourmet catering services with quality ingredients whilst customers were not able to gather in large groups was a challenge.

This task was something that the MyWork team fully embraced, helping to simplify the order processing and provided continual support throughout the initial stages of a new business model as the Char Baby team got up to speed.

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Char Baby

Website (WordPress), Ecommerce (Woo), Web Maintenance
Client testimonial
My Work are the complete package when it comes to building and maintaining website’s. Their skill and service has been invaluable the last two years. I am so happy and my business website is in their hands, they are the type of guys that just get things done, even before I have sometimes realised it! Fantastic!
Post completion

The results

Not only did the Char Baby successfully pivot their online ordering and deliver methods to incorporate high quality gourmet hampers during a difficult global crisis, but the team also saw a benefit to adding this new revenue stream to their overall mix as they continue to thrive post-COVID.

Now shifting focus back to a mix including traditional in person gourmet moveable feasts for the multitude of events, weddings, and birthdays put on hold during the pandemic, the Char Baby team have not just survived a difficult time for the hospitality sector as a whole, but have also added Private Chef services to their overall offering.

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