NEW .au Domains Shorter, Simpler, More Memorable

The new .au domain extensions have been available to be registered in Australia since late 2022, and since then have been overwhelmingly adopted by savvy website owners across the country. 

If you own a domain for your website but haven’t yet secured the .au version of your domain, then now is the time!

Tradies… Maccas… Cuppa… Shortening words is an Aussie tradition so why not shorten your website address with the new .au domain! 

FREE Redirect

The MyWork team will redirect your new domain for you FREE. 

Short & Sweet

Shorter domain names are easier to remember & faster to type. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Am I eligible for a new .au domain name?

If you already have a .auextension associated with a domain, you will have preference when registering the new .au extension associated with that domain. For example, if you already have “” or “”, you will have preference for “”.

Anyone can register for a .au domain if you meet auDA’s eligibility criteria.

What if more than one person wants the same new .au domain name?
If someone else also has an existing .au extension associated with the same domain as you, then there is a chance of a conflict. An example of this would be if you have “” and someone else has “”.

If two or more eligible people apply to register for the same new .au, there will be a conflict. auDA, the governing body for .au domain names is finalising the conflict resolution process.

How much will my new .au domain name cost?
Securing a .au domain couldn’t be easier and now costs the same as most other domain registrations, just $80 exGST per year per domain.