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WordPress and site speed optimisation specialists.

Speed up your website

A smooth customer experience

After investing so much into your website, the last thing you want is for customers to get impatient waiting for images or pages to load. Each second of delay increases your bounce rate.

We’ll ensure your customers enjoy a seamless experience on your website, and in turn, improve its performance in search engines.

More speed, more power

Ensure your site is delivered as fast as possible

Combined with our MyWork Complete suite of services, our expert team will ensure your site is delivered as fast as possible to your customers, 24/7, all year-round. As Brisbane’s trusted Cloud Hosting Providers, let us take the hassle out of hosting.  Rest easy knowing we’ve got you covered with Google Cloud Hosting via WP Engine.

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What makes a website fast?

Best practice design

Google cloud hosting

WP Engine

WebP & Imagify

WP Rocket

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Smart Plugin Manager

About the tech

Google cloud platform

Your website’s hosting is something you should never need to worry about. You need hosting that can scale seamlessly with your business needs, keeps your data secure, and loads fast – every time. With Google Cloud Platform, you can have peace of mind that your website is on infrastructure provided by Google.

WP Engine

WP Engine is a platform dedicated to the deployment, hosting and optimisation of WordPress websites. With seamless, stress-free hosting and a dedicated 24/7 expert support team, WP Engine is everything you need to power your WordPress website.

WebP & Imagify

Smaller images without compromise in quality. We’ll optimise your images & convert them to WebP via Imagify. Every website by MyWork is bulk optimised; along with conversion to Google’s preferred image format, WebP as part of the ‘go-live’ process. Post-launch, the Imagify plugin will auto-optimise all new uploaded images.

WP Rocket

Using WP Rocket plugin, we set up optimisations such as minifying CSS and JS, deferring JS and other non-essential resources, preloading fonts and pages, along with optimising the website’s database directly.


Cloudflare offers a variety of safeguards against malicious traffic or attacks, ultimately improving site speed for your genuine website visitors. If we are managing your domain, we can enable optimisation features through Cloudflare to further improve load time.

Intelligent Pathways

Website (WordPress)
Upgrading performance

Migrate your website to us

Is your website built on outdated architecture? Or built using older techniques? It may be performing less than optimally, but you’re not stuck.

Our tools and experience allow us to rapidly deploy website rebuilds with minimal disruption to your business operations.

By migrating to our website hosting service and rebuilding, your website will be equipped with the latest best-practice features to ensure your website is stable, secure and lightning-fast.