Shopify Calculated Shipping Explained

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Common questions

Here are some common questions about Shopify carrier-calculated freight:

How do you setup Shopify third-party carrier-calculated shipping in Australia?

If I use a courier-calculated shipping method with my Shopify store, how much does it cost?

What are the Shopify fees for using carrier-calculated shipping?

Do I need to be on Advanced Shopify or Shopify Plus in order to use carrier-calculated shipping?

Carrier-Calculated Shipping Explained

Calculated shipping

When running an online store, it is vital to offer the correct shipping method. Customers need to complete an order with as few roadblocks as possible, with zero nasty surprises at the checkout. An over inflated flat rate, or worse, the dreaded ‘no shipping options available’ will lead to cart abandonment and, ultimately, lost sales.

The solution for most businesses is calculated shipping, whereby the online store works out the most accurate shipping cost based on the preferred carriers own freight calculator. It’s accurate, fast and simple.

Shopify offers a wide range of calculated shipping options, but the information isn’t easy to find, so let’s have a look at your options.


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Confused about how to setup third-party carrier-calculated shipping on Shopify?

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One area that has continuously been a headache for Australian Shopify store owners is how third-party carrier-calculated shipping works.

What will it cost?

Shopify carrier-calculated shipping options

Shopify Sendle Shipping

Included in all Shopify plans
Carrier-calculated shipping not included

Shopify have an arrangement with Sendle as their standard shipping option. Included in all Shopify accounts, with discounts of up to 33.6% on deliveries.


Monthly Shopify Plans

From USD $29/mo
Carrier-calculated shipping an additional USD $20/mo

For any monthly Shopify plan (Basic or Standard), you can choose to add carrier-calculated shipping. However, you’ll need to pay an additional $US20 per month to allow you to use the feature. 

Annual Shopify Plans

USD $299+/pa
Carrier-calculated shipping included in annual plan

Your third option is to pay your plan annually. If you pay for your yearly plan upfront, you become eligible to request that carrier-calculated shipping is activated on your account, for no additional fee.

Shopify Plus & Advanced Shopify

From USD $299/mo
Carrier-calculated shipping included in monthly price

If you are already paying for Advanced Shopify or Shopify Plus, good news – the carrier-calculated shipping feature is already included at no additional monthly cost.

Know your options

Here’s an easy way to compare your Shopify carrier-calculated shipping options

If you’d like to take control of your shipping and choose your own carrier, you do have the option to add carrier-calculated shipping to your Shopify checkout. That could be a single courier, or a third-party app that gives you and your customers a much more extensive range of options.

The first step is to create an account with a carrier that works for you. To make sure the courier supports Shopify, view a list of third-party couriers here

Secondly, you need to have the carrier-calculated shipping feature on your store’s Shopify subscription plan to connect your own shipping carrier accounts to Shopify.

How to proceed

Getting started with each option

If you are on a higher-tier plan, you should be ready to go. Choose your carrier-calculated shipping app and add it to your checkout. Remember to ensure your product weights and measurements are accurate and up to date.

If you are choosing to pay your Shopify yearly fees in a single payment, or you’d like to pay US $20 per month on top of a more basic plan to access carrier-calculated shipping, Shopify require some additional steps.

You will need to personally contact the Shopify support team and specifically request the change. If there is any confusion from the support team, simply instruct your advisor to look into “carrier-calculated shipping” and they should be able to activate it for you.

Shopify shipping

How does using Shopify Shipping compare?

Shopify have an arrangement with Sendle as their standard shipping option. Included in all Shopify accounts, Shopify Shipping claims to simplify the process and offer discounts of up to 33.6% on deliveries, with pre-negotiated lower rates that could allow you to pass savings onto your customers.

You won’t need a Sendle account or any special sign-ups, and it won’t cost any extra to use Shopify Shipping on your store. You can buy Sendle labels through your Shopify account, and print them on a home printer, with custom forms for international labels offered as a built-in option.

The parcel can be dropped off at a range of designated drop-off zones, or you can arrange for a free parcel pick-up. Parcel tracking is then accessible through Shopify, for both you and your customer.

Shipping costs appear on the same bill as your monthly Shopify subscription. All Sendle shipments through Shopify include $300 cover against loss, free signature on delivery, and are 100% carbon neutral.


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Pros and cons

But what if that won’t work for you?

Shopify Shipping sounds like a good option, and Shopify are certainly committed to pushing it as their preferred choice. But the truth is, it just won’t work for everyone.

Unfortunately, location can be an issue for customers using Sendle. Some Australian locations aren’t covered, particularly in remote locations, meaning not all businesses even have this option. Sendle can’t deliver to Australia Post-owned locations, such as P.O. Boxes and parcel lockers, meaning your customers will need a physical address in an acceptable location to be able to access shipping.

You can do it!

Getting the most from your shipping

Ultimately, Shopify would prefer the use of Shopify Shipping to send parcels. That’s great if it works for you, but there are a number of reasons why their system just isn’t suitable for everyone.

If you’d like more flexibility, you work remotely, or you don’t like Shopify Shipping’s lack of choice when it comes to couriers, then you have the freedom to choose a courier or third-party app that works for you.

Getting carrier-calculated shipping added to your checkout will require a more advanced plan, paying an additional $US20 per month, or paying your regular Shopify subscription as an annual fee. Plus, you will need to contact support and specifically request the feature is enabled.

Don’t let this extra step discourage you. Taking control of your shipping can help you lower costs, retain customers, and ultimately create a better image for your business overall.


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