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You might have heard the term SSL recently and been wondering what it’s all about and if it’s something you should be worried about. For my blog post I thought it’d be good to explain SSL for anyone who unsure.   What is SSL and why is it important? SSL stands for Secure Socket Layer… Read More.

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  Throughout the time I’ve been at MyWork, there have been many new and interesting things that I have learnt here. One of which being; websites take a lot of effort! Not to turn you off or anything, but from the concept stages all the way to a website’s launch there are many steps that… Read More.

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Here are my favourite features of our Google Fundamentals Package that in my experience are the most likely to be overlooked: 1. Submit your website to Google Search Console Want Google to index all of your pages? Make sure Google knows about them by submitting a valid sitemap through Google Search Console. We can do… Read More.

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What is actually happening when a visitor engages with you through your website? Maybe they clicked that Buy Now button or contacted you via email. Perhaps they liked or followed your business on social media? Whenever your customers either buy your product or engage with your brand, they are speaking to you through their wallets…. Read More.

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Establishing an online presence is an essential part of running a modern day business. Whether you’re thinking of doing your own digital marketing for your small business, or simply interested in understanding what happens behind-the-scenes of a campaign, look no further! This blog post aims to shed some light on some of the many facets… Read More.

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A strong digital presence is the number one ‘must have’ for doing business today. Why? Because it is now expected by your customers and prospects that you have an online presence. Failure to recognise this and get on the band wagon will inevitably result in your business being left behind. If you haven’t made the… Read More.

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Long gone are the days where I have to convince people to market their business online first. Before TV, before radio, before print… of course digital is the first place you market your business in 2017. We all know that. Knowing this though does not make the process of doing so any less daunting and… Read More.

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A lot of clients ask me how certain procedures work or the process involved in creating a website. It could be from something like how certain elements of the design work or regarding online marketing. To clear up this common question asked by many clients, I am going to explain the top queries some of… Read More.

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The Sales Pitch For most university graduates, their writing experience has revolved primarily around structured report writing, analytical essays and potentially creative (narrative) writing. Very few people know how to write copy, nor do they realise that writing copy is fundamentally a written sales pitch that adheres to a rather rigid structure. Writing in the… Read More.

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It’s that time of year again. You’re desperately trying to find time to wrap up various projects for the year, buy gifts, and plan the holidays with your family, but tradition dictates you must also dedicate a night to celebrating the end of another year with your workmates. It’s not only a chance to enjoy… Read More.

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