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The Power of Partnerships

A story about the partnership journey of three key players in the digital space; MyWork, Reload Media, and Shopify.

What the News Media Bargaining Code could mean for you

Recently the ACCC proposed the News Media Bargaining Code, as an attempt to encourage and support journalism in Australia, and address bargaining power imbalances.  The backlash from major digital platforms like Google and Facebook was fast and dramatic – with Google even threatening to pull Google Search from Australia,

Shopify Australia – Calculated Shipping Explained

are you confused about how to setup third-party shipping on shopify? ​ Calculated shipping allows an online store to work out the most accurate shipping cost for the customer based on your preferred carrier’s own freight calculator. It’s accurate, it’s fast and it’s simple. Shopify

Why migrate to WP Engine?

level up your hosting game Secure hosting and regular maintenance are the unsung heroes of a WordPress website. An effective website needs a strong foundation, starting with hosting on a reliable platform. Another key element is keeping up to date with ongoing plugin releases to

New Brisbane Holiday Village Website

investing in digital in a turbulent year The recent lockdowns have had dramatic consequences for many Australian businesses, particularly those in the tourism industry. One of many businesses feeling the impact of the new restrictions was Brisbane Holiday Village, a fun, family-friendly holiday destination located

Our tools of choice for boosting customer engagement – Podium and Facebook Messenger

Customer engagement is vital to your business. If customers visit your website and don’t connect, it’s a wasted opportunity for you both.   That being said, if your communication options aren’t easy and instantly accessible, you’re reducing the chances that customers will actually engage with your business – unless they’re already extremely motivated to be there.   Thankfully, there are some

Online is the new normal – why your website matters more than ever

Online advances are moving faster than anyone predicted. According to data from the IBM Retail Index, the move away from physical stores to online retail options is happening at least five years quicker than predicted, thanks to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Not confined to the

Hey Google, Optimize My Website for Voice Search

Hey, Google! Have you jumped aboard the home assistant bandwagon? Be it Google, Siri or Alexa, these AI-controlled devices are rapidly rising in popularity, ushering in a new, more personal age of connection between users and the world wide web. In the past, search enquiries

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