Can you make it BIGGER!

The following is a few feedback requests that every web designer has encountered before. Working with a designer, you yourself may have even actioned such requests. I want to go through these statements and try to explain why they may not always be the best solution to your problem.

Make the logo BIGGER

Branding is of course important no matter what medium you are working with – web design is no exception. Sometimes making the logo bigger isn’t always the best way to draw attention to your brand.

Typically the logo is placed strategically on your website in relation to the other elements that make up your web page. It will be located at the top of the page, usually on the left hand side or centered (depending on the layout of your website and logo). This way the logo is seen first before anything else!

In western culture we read left to right, so our eyes are drawn to the left-hand side first. More often than not, there will be space around the logo to allow it to stand out & make room for the top header elements to breathe. This space ensures you view the logo as a single entity, uncluttered by other elements on the page.

Sometimes making the logo larger than initially planned can compromise this effect (especially if space is a precious commodity on your website). Making it bigger can choke the design, making the header feel cluttered and claustrophobic. If the logo starts to encroach on other elements on your page, it can get lost in your content.

There are many other ways your brand can be felt throughout your website besides a heavy handed logo size. Logo colours & font can be used throughout your site. Particular definitive logo concepts can be carried across to other elements of your website to help reinforce your brand. Using your brand aesthetic to shape the feel and emotion of your website can create a far more richer experience for your visitors.

Make it ALL BOLD

You should always have one or two clear directives on your website. These are referred to as “Call to Action” devices. These elements (similar to your logo) clearly stand out from the rest of your website and are a clear Call to Action to the visitor. This can be anything from “Call Today” text, or a “View Products on Sale” button – dependent on your website’s goal.

Having only one or two main call to action elements work well as the viewer can easily and quickly discern these main points you are trying to convey. A problem arises when you start to highlight several elements on your website. These call to action devices get lost because now everything is highlighted or bold – nothing stands out anymore. The whole reason of having a call to action becomes redundant.

Sometimes bigger isn’t always better. If you feel your logo isn’t large enough, first look at your website as a whole. Do you notice the logo first? Is it clear & legible? How does it look in relation to the other elements on your page? What do you really gain from making the logo larger? Talk to your designer, maybe you may feel your branding isn’t integrated well enough into the website? There are other ways your brand can be made present in your website than making your logo bigger.

When trying to make a particular point to a potential client, think about the most important thing you want to achieve. Do you want the visitor to call you? Fill out an online quote form? Or browse your product range? Make this point and clearly. People can be on your website for virtually a few seconds. Having a clear directive, uncluttered by less important information can be the difference between someone calling you, or moving on to another website.