Engage Your Customers Through Your Website

What is actually happening when a visitor engages with you through your website? Maybe they clicked that Buy Now button or contacted you via email. Perhaps they liked or followed your business on social media? Whenever your customers either buy your product or engage with your brand, they are speaking to you through their wallets. They are saying that they like what you have to offer, and they want to see more!

What it all boils down to, is that your website is often the first point of contact your potential customers will have with your business. That first impression can spell the difference between their engaging further or going to find your competitor next door.

As a Web Designer on the MyWork team, a core focus when I design a new website is to create a unique digital experience that will relate to your individual customer base. One of the most enjoyable parts of the job is getting to talk to clients, asking questions, listening and learning about their businesses. My goal is simply – How can I design a crack website that charmingly presents their products and services to their customers and encourages continued engagement?

So, what are my key insights into designing an effective website? Simply put, it’s knowing what makes your customers tick. If you know what kind of person is buying into your products and services, your website can be tailored to motivate your visitors to further engage with your business online.

  • Who are your Customers?

Knowing who your customers are can greatly impact how effective your website can be in motivating them to buy your product or service. Are you trying to contract your services to small businesses or sell to individuals? Are your customers 20-30 or over 60? Are your customers male or female? Being able to answer these questions is golden, since as a web designer, our team can tailor your website experience to communicate with these very different groups and demographics, creating a website that motivates your target audience to engage with you through the web.

  • Where are your Customers

Another crucial step in understanding who your customers are, is where do they come from? This can be as easy as asking if your customers are from your local town or city, state or territory or if they live more nationally or internationally. Knowing where your customers are coming from can be vitally important when you are trying to engage with or sell to them.

Another part of this is working out how your customers are finding their way to your website? Are they using Google? If so, what did they search for? Is your website appropriately marketed towards your customer’s search? If not, they will most likely be off again looking for someone else. Did your customers find your website through Social Media, or maybe Google Maps? Knowing where your customers are coming from can greatly inform the design of your website and ensure that your customer’s first impressions leave a lasting impact.

  • What do your customers value?

Working out what your visitors are interested in can be key in converting them to paying customers (which is usually always nice). Are they interested in a hard to find product or brand? Perhaps they want to be assured and know that your business is trusted and dependable? Or maybe they really like Free Shipping or Quick Checkouts?

Using this information, we can design your website to draw attention and direct your visitors to products, services or information that you offer that can motivate your customers to engage with you online.

At the end of the day, your website isn’t for you. It’s for your customers, the people visiting and engaging with your business and brand every day. To motivate your customers to engage with you online, your website needs to be the best reflection of your brand and speak to your customers goals and objectives.

So where to from here? The good news is that our team at MyWork is focused on helping you to create a successful website for your business. To get in touch, give us a call on 1300 809 424 and our team can work with you to create a new website or even redesign your existing website to communicate directly to your target audience and better engage with them online.