Happy Mind, Happy Worker

The importance of alleviating stress, particularly at work, is well known and has been widely documented. It can begin with something as simple as taking a short break like a walk around the office, eating snacks in between breaks or leaving earlier in the morning so you don’t feel rushed to get ready for work.
Many workplaces these days actively seek to reduce the stress levels of their employees through a number of means and for good reason.

Healthy, happy workers are more productive and are able to accomplish more in their working day than an employee who feels the weight of the world on their shoulders. Relaxed, stress-free workers are more valuable to their companies so it makes sense that employers assist in maintaining a healthy mental welfare for their workers.

Positivity is contagious. Not just in the workplace, but everywhere. When you have happy people around you, you are more likely to be happy yourself. Conversely if you are surrounded by unhappy, strung out people their mental state can affect yours and bring you down too.
It’s no secret that an office full of happy employees is far more productive (in more than simply a revenue sense) than the same office full of stressed out people.

I am very fortunate enough to work in an office that does far more than most to help its people enjoy being there. From weekly basketball games and lunch time gym sessions to Friday afternoon drinks and a relaxed lunch on the last Friday of every month, not to mention the ping pong and console games.

I am a happy, productive worker, much thanks to the fantastic conditions I am lucky enough to have at my work and as much as I love my job I also look forward to basketball on Wednesdays. It gives me a chance to clear my head, get a fresh start to the rest of the week and get to know some of my colleagues I wouldn’t normally talk to on a day to day basis.

Every workplace can benefit from giving their employees the means and opportunity to do something at work, at least once a week that will relax their mind and rejuvenate their focus.