“I work out!”

For years I scoffed at those who joined gyms. “Fools,” I’d mutter. Don’t you see you’ve been deluded by good intentions and goals to finally get fit? Why set yourself up for another failed New Years’ resolution?  In my mind there was only one outcome to this scenario. It involved membership being direct debited each week from the poor saps bank account and only a handful of half-hearted “sessions” to show for it.

I meant no disrespect to the notion of health and fitness, in fact I am all for the promotion of eating well and exercising daily. But I, who had never before set foot in a gym, apparently knew better. “It’s called the outdoors” I’d say from atop my high horse. Put on your runners and clock some kilometres – it won’t cost you a thing! Needless to say I have since been flung from my horse, landing with a thud on my untoned behind. Upon reflection, I was being a tad harsh.

A sad as it may sound, I finally bit the bullet and joined the gym in our work complex to use their showers. I love to run and each week a group from the office would hit the road and tackle the Springwood Conservation Park’s hilly track. I resisted for as long as I could but not one to be left out I swallowed my cynicism and signed up.

As a web design company, MyWork breaks the “nerdy” stereotype attached to workers within the IT industry. You know the image I’m referring to – web developer, confined to a dark room, the only source of light coming from the computer screen. Instead, MyWork encourages employees to get out of office and get active during our breaks by kindly subsidising half our membership – bloody legends! About half of MyWork’s employees now have a gym membership and I know I am not the only one who has noticed not only the physical benefits but also an improvement in my mental health.

Mornings at MyWork are always a blur. Your inbox bursting with emails sent the night before. Clients calling, eager to get in touch with you first thing. Today’s scheduled tasks piled on top of the ones you didn’t quite get around to yesterday. By lunchtime my eye would start to twitch as I would slowly but surely lose basic verbal and written communication skills. Since joining the gym I have found that I am far better equipped to handle whatever the day may throw at me.  Three days a week I push myself out the door, exchange the heels for runners and sweat my stresses away.

I have been “gyming” it for about three months and while I am pleased to announce that parts of my body a jiggle less, I am also pleasantly surprised to report that I feel more productive, happier and less stressed while at work – who knew? Joining a gym is like entering into a serious, long-term relationship and for a long time I wasn’t ready for the commitment. And just like any good relationship, there is a lot of give and take. I’ve decided it’s love and now, just like LMFAO’s frizzy-haired, glasses without lenses-wearing Redfoo, I too “work out.”