New Brisbane Holiday Village Website

investing in digital in a turbulent year

The recent lockdowns have had dramatic consequences for many Australian businesses, particularly those in the tourism industry. One of many businesses feeling the impact of the new restrictions was Brisbane Holiday Village, a fun, family-friendly holiday destination located in Brisbane’s southern suburbs. Offering a wide range of accommodation and entertainment options, Brisbane Holiday Village has hosted thousands of visitors from around the world. However, the global pandemic suddenly put their operations on indefinite hiatus.

In a time of low industry confidence where many were putting marketing efforts on hold, Brisbane Holiday Village saw opportunity. They decided to work smarter, not harder, and partnered with MyWork and Reload Media to make the most of the downtime and refresh the design of their website.

Our team worked closely with them to design an updated website that reflects their business and makes it easy for customers to find the info they need, displayed in a sleek, modern format. The site is visually appealing and loads quickly, while also offering functionality such as real time room information and availability, complex booking forms, and secure payment options.

By showcasing the many features of Brisbane Holiday Village and making it easy to perform key actions such as checking availability and booking accommodation, the new website met the goal of improving the user experience to increase overall interest and sales. 

The website went live as travel restrictions slowly began to lift and Aussie customers began planning their next holiday. After launch, the customer engagement statistics showed a major improvement compared to the previous site. Most notably, in the 30 days after launch, Brisbane Holiday Village saw a 52% increase in their conversion rate, a massive 113% increase in bookings, and a 44% increase in revenue.

It all goes to show the importance of thinking outside the box in adverse conditions. MyWork helped Brisbane Holiday Village make lemons out of lemonade by using the forced downtime to improve their online presence. As a result, Brisbane Holiday Village have a modern, fresh, and functional website, ready for the inevitable upswing in domestic tourism.