Shopify Australia – Calculated Shipping Explained

are you confused about how to setup third-party shipping on shopify?

Calculated shipping allows an online store to work out the most accurate shipping cost for the customer based on your preferred carrier’s own freight calculator. It’s accurate, it’s fast and it’s simple. Shopify offers business owners a whole range of calculated shipping options, but the information on how to actually set it up isn’t easy to find.

know your options

You have the option to add carrier-calculated shipping to your Shopify checkout. That could be a single courier, or a third-party app that gives you and your customers a much more extensive range of options.

The first step is to find a carrier that works for you, and create an account with them. Make sure the courier you want to use supports Shopify! You’ll then need to have the carrier-calculated shipping feature enabled on your store’s Shopify subscription plan to connect this to Shopify.

what will it cost?

To access carrier-calculated shipping to your Shopify store, you have several options:

Advanced Shopify & Shopify Plus

  • from USD $299/mo
  • carrier-calculated shipping included in monthly price

If you are already paying for Advanced Shopify or Shopify Plus, good news – the carrier-calculated shipping feature is already included at no additional monthly cost.

All other Shopify plans

  • from USD $29/mo
  • carrier-calculated shipping an additional USD $20/mo

On any other plan, you can choose to add carrier-calculated shipping. However, you’ll need to pay an additional $US20 per month to allow you to use the feature.

All Annual Payment Plans

  • USD $299+/pa
  • carrier-calculated shipping included in annual plan

Your third option is to pay your plan annually. If you pay for your yearly plan in one sum, you become eligible to request that carrier-calculated shipping is activated on your account, for no additional fee.


Standard Shopify Shipping

  • included in all Shopify plans
  • carrier-calculated shipping not included

Shopify have an arrangement with Sendle as their standard shipping option. Included in all Shopify accounts, with discounts of up to 33.6% on deliveries.

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getting started with each option

If you are on a higher-tier plan, you should be ready to go. Choose your carrier-calculated shipping app, add it to your checkout, and ensure that all your product weights and measurements are accurate and up to date. Simple!

If you are choosing to pay your Shopify yearly fees in a single payment, or you’d like to pay $US20 per month on top of a more basic plan to access carrier-calculated shipping, Shopify require some additional steps.

You’ll need to personally contact the Shopify support team and request that the change is made. If there is any confusion from the support team, you need to instruct your advisor to look into “carrier calculated shipping”, and they should be able to activate it for you.

Contact Shopify

Taking control of your shipping can help you lower costs, retain customers, and ultimately create a better image for your business. Still have questions about Shopify Shipping in Australia?

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