The rise of ‘boomerang’ employees

Our staff are the most valuable asset we have

We’re extremely proud to be a workplace that has welcomed back several former employees in the last few years. These ‘boomerang’ employees, who have developed and refined their skills elsewhere, return to MyWork with a wealth of knowledge and experience that is invaluable to our business and our customers alike. 

Beth Strikes Back
In 2021, Bethany Taylor returned to the sunshine state and to MyWork as Senior Project Manager after two years honing her digital project management expertise in Melbourne (and simultaneously proving her resilience as she survived countless lockdowns). 

The Last Martin
Also in 2021 we welcomed back Martin Krestan as a Designer, following an exciting few years overseas and interstate working on a wide variety of digital projects, apps and websites.

It’s our culture.
The team culture at MyWork transcends employment and location. Outside of work there are genuine, lasting friendships across past and present employees. It’s not uncommon for current and ex-MyWorkers to pop into the office for a catch up, get together on weekends for lunch or to celebrate major milestones together (including some recent and upcoming weddings!).

The internal culture has also resulted in a consistent and reliable team, which has seen minimal staff turnover in the past five years. We aspire to be considered part of our customer’s extended team, so internal stability is critical to us.

The team is at the core of everything we do here at MyWork. We pride ourselves on fostering a strong team culture and supporting the professional development and growth of our employees, no matter where they might end up. Treating our team members as valued individuals and creating a workplace of close professionals has a positive impact on our employees’ lives and on the overall business – it’s a win-win situation.

It’s because of this that we’re so excited to announce the return of yet another familiar face. 

Return of the Smack

Sarah Mackie (affectionately known by her friends and colleagues as “Smackie”) is the latest addition to the MyWork team who joins us as our new Digital Content Writer. She’s also the most recent former MyWork employee to return to work with us. What can we say? We know how to make a lasting impression!

When MyWork launched its internship program in 2014, Sarah came on board as our very first intern. At the time, she was busy completing her dual degree in Bachelor of Laws/Bachelor of Media and Communications. Interning with MyWork was a unique opportunity in which Sarah was exposed to the inner workings of a start-up business and gained valuable work experience in digital marketing and content writing.

A year after completing her internship, Sarah formally joined the MyWork team in a full-time capacity as Digital Marketing Strategist where she worked closely with now Senior SEM Manager, Joe Kershaw. While her love of digital marketing and content development ran strong, she couldn’t ignore that little voice in her head telling her to pursue her passion for the law (she is a self-proclaimed nerd, after all).

Sarah’s ambition led her to work as a paralegal then junior solicitor in a boutique law firm in Brisbane. Seeking a new challenge and new adventure, she relocated to Sydney in 2017 where she has worked in legal tech and legal education ever since.  

To say we were stoked when Sarah reached out to us about freelance content writing is an understatement. Her content strategy and content writing experience across various industries, along with her impeccably high attention to detail, mad organisation skills and contagious can-do attitude, make her a real asset to the MyWork team. The fact that her nickname has countless pun opportunities is an added bonus.

Interested in a website content audit?

With Sarah’s return to MyWork she’s hit the ground running and is keen to talk to all of our clients about how she can help transform the tone and impact of your website copy. Contact us today to get your free website copy audit!