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MyWork Digital Billboard Ads

CAASie digital billboards allow your business to appear on billboard screens all across the country - with no minimum budget or commitment.

What are the benefits?

Local & National Exposure

Your ads will be eligible to show on 5000+ screens available Australia-wide, including in supermarkets, petrol stations, gyms and more

Budget & Location Control

Determine where and when your ads are shown, including individual screen selection and hour-by-hour scheduling

Expert Optimisation

We do the hard work for you, making sure your ads get maximum exposure each month across the CAASie network


What's included? Engaging visual ads designed to increase your exposure in your target area

Our CAASie billboard campaigns include the creation of your advertising assets and the ongoing management and optimisation of your billboard campaigns. Your ads will be eligible to show on 5000+ digital billboard screens across the country, with no minimum budget or commitment necessary.

We’ll help you choose which locations and screens to target to reach your desired audience, and we’ll manage your monthly advertising budget to ensure you get maximum exposure across the network.

How it works Give your campaigns the best possible chance for success

Our CAASie Campaigns are built with care and attention to detail, ensuring every credit spent helps get your ad in the right spot at the right time. The platform is also constantly being upgraded with new features and enhancements to give us big-picture data that we can use to improve your campaign directly.

MyWork’s Digital Billboard Ads work for you by increasing your business’ brand recognition and reputation, by allowing your ads to appear in public spaces such as shopping centres, petrol stations, gyms, and many more. Best of all, the budget is completely up to you, with no mimimum monthly commitment and complete flexibility that allows you to get the most out of your campaign, no matter what you want to spend.

Why Choose Us?

Fully qualified and experienced marketing strategists.

We understand Australian businesses and how best to appeal to their target market.

We’re a trusted and experienced CAASie Partner.

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