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from $220/month + ad spend

What you get with MyWork CONVERT:

Campaign Setup

Registration of your Google Ads account and setup for your business. On your website, we’ll perform an audit and identify key conversion metrics to setup for tracking.

Landing pages are a page with one goal only. To generate an enquiry. We’ll produce a landing page specifically for your campaign and monitor for optimisation.

Essential to provide key business information to Google, Google My Business helps achieve greater visibility online. We’ll help you set up your profile correctly.

Critical for your website, this is your source of data on performance of your website and visitor demographics and behaviours. This data fuels an effective ad campaign.

While Google Analytics looks at data from within your website, Google Search Console looks at data from the outside. How you rank in search terms, pages indexed and errors.

Management (ongoing monthly)

Month by month, we’ll monitor the data being input/output to your campaign and perform adjustments to get more out of your advertising budget. This is the difference between a positive or negative ROI.

One of the aspects of Google Adwords. Best suited to businesses with products being sold online. Using this campaign helps achieve higher engagement rates and conversions.

One of the aspects of Google Adwords. Best suited to businesses that require multiple touchpoints to achieve brand recognition and conversions.

As a Google Premier Partner, we get access to some of the latest tips and techniques from Google, so we can apply these to your campaign too.

For full transparency, we provide a monthly report on performance of your campaign, so you know how every dollar is spent. That’s our integrity guarantee.

Why choose MyWork?

As Google Premier Partners, we have been invited to Google-hosted events and completed Google certifications. We live and breathe digital marketing.

Our team is based in Australia, so campaigns will hit the mark when displayed to customers. The right tone and delivery of your ad will ensure it connects. Written by locals, for locals.

Consistent client communication, one point of contact and revisions ensure this process is simple and enjoyable for you and the campaign is performing optimally.

Our team works together under the same roof. So your digital marketing specialist will be working closely with the designer or content writer producing content for your campaign.

As the adage goes, your success is our success.

We have no interest in simply gathering views/impressions for your brand/product. You need conversions and transparent reporting indicating your ROI.

Straightforward answers, no technical jargon.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, there is a setup cost which is paid to MyWork and can be either be determined based on starting from scratch or assessing your current account. Give us a call for a quote. 

The setup process includes establishing a Google Ads Account, implementing Conversion Tracking, conducting a website audit for tracking metrics, performing keyword research, creating a custom landing page, setting up Google Analytics 4, creating a Google My Business Account for local visibility, optimizing site speed, and configuring Search Console to enhance data collection.

Did you know? If you have a website with us under our ‘MyWork Complete’ package, you’re able to put up to 5 of your available hours towards the setup cost, securing a discount on the setup fee. 

In certain cases, a discount might be available. If you’re already running ads, we’ll provide a quote after evaluating your existing accounts.

Yes, you will make payments directly to Google for your ad spend/clicks.

MyWork’s Google Ads Package covers the campaign management and optimisation services for a set monthly fee, while the ad budget is paid directly by you to Google.

Google recommends starting with a budget of at least $35+ per day in click spend, which is billed directly to Google, meaning that every dollar you spend on Ads goes directly to generating interest in your business. This amount is up to you, more budget = more clicks.

You’re essentially paying for us to manage your monthly click budget above for you, helping you spend this click budget as wisely as possible, while also reporting and improving on it on an ongoing basis. 

Absolutely, yes. All the work we do is carried out within accounts that you own. You retain full ownership of your accounts, along with all the associated work and historical data. We ensure that everything is managed within your ownership and control.

The number of leads generated can vary based on several factors, including the effectiveness of the advertising campaign, market conditions, targeting strategies, and the appeal of your offering. While we strive to maximize lead generation, it’s important to understand that specific lead numbers cannot be guaranteed. Our focus is on implementing strategies that optimize lead quality and quantity, and we continuously work to improve results over time.

Google Ads is a quick boost where you pay for instant visibility in search results. It’s for immediate success.

SEO is a gradual process where you pay an SEO expert to continually optimise your website to show up higher over time in search results without paying for clicks directly, you instead pay for the optimisation work.

Often, websites are left to idle, losing customers to the competition.

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