G&P Cleaning Services

Using the power of Google Ads, MyWork’s Digital Marketing experts were able to cement G&P Cleaning’s position as a market leader.
Website (WordPress), Google Ads
G&P Cleaning Services

The client

Established in 2015, G&P Cleaning are among the most prevalent providers of bond cleaning services on the Gold Coast. A family-owned business, G&P Cleaning is built on a foundation of over 15 years of industry experience.
What was required

The brief

ROI is key
Create a campaign that would provide a consistent ROI within a limited spend.
The most up to date tools and strategies
Use Google's smart, algorithm-based bidding strategies to achieve the target Cost-Per-Acquisition
Increase Impression Share
Grow Impression Share across the entire Gold Coast region without breaking the bank
Evidence based keyword selection
Use targeted, research-based keyword selection to identify growth opportunities
Strategic website deisgn layout
To ensure traffic to the site wasn't being wasted, conversion once on the site is a key indicator of success.
What MyWork did

The solution

Positioning themselves as a one-stop-shop, G&P Cleaning are passionate about providing an end-to-end service that is designed to take the stress out of relocating.

The bond cleaning industry is highly competitive. A Google Search of the query, “bond cleaning Gold Coast’ yields over 7,000,000 results and has over 10 pages of competing businesses in the organic listings alone.

This lends itself to an average Cost Per Click of $7-8 for most keywords, a value that is essentially unattainable for most new businesses who are just beginning their marketing journey.

To kick off G&P Cleaning’s online marketing, we created a campaign that used very specific targeting methods to ensure the highest possible conversion rates. Using Exact Match and Phrase Match Keywords, accompanied by Single Keyword Ad Groups, we were able to ensure there was keyword matching throughout the entire conversion process.

Once we established a consistent baseline of high performance, we employed Search Query Data to identify opportunities for campaign growth.

Using the Search Terms Report, we identified words and phrases that appeared frequently alongside the words we were already targeting. We used this data to inform our new landing pages and campaign extensions.

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G&P Cleaning Services

Website (WordPress), Google Ads
Client testimonial
We at G&P Cleaning Services, are extremely happy with the performance of our 7 month old website. Our Adwords campaign managed by Joe at MyWork has been a great success and our Bond Cleaning Gold Coast business continues to grow every month.
GRAEME TREWELLA, OWNER - G&P Cleaning Services
Post completion

The results

Within three months, G&P Cleaning had successfully used MyWork’s Google Ads Management services to supercharge their ROI. With revenue increasing through effective online marketing, G&P Cleaning was then able to invest even more into their ads, allowing us to build their campaign outwards and dramatically increase the conversion volume.

  • 137% Increase in conversions across 3 months
  • 1/3 of clicks lead to an enquiry during peak performance
  • Campaign Impression Share grew by 10%

    Since we began working with G&P Cleaning, they have continued to see year-on-year improvements.

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