Power Flex Cables

MyWork built a new feature on the Power Flex website: an online catalogue for their products.
Ecommerce (Woo)
Power Flex Cables

The client

Power Flex Cables is a leading Australian based and owned company, servicing Australia and the Asia Pacific. A well respected supplier in the electrical cable industry, with more than 65 years of experience.
What was required

The brief

Duplicate Live Website on Staging Environment
MyWork set up a staging site in our hosting environment to action the website updates. This way we could do the updates "in the background" rather than directly on the live website. This also allowed the Power Flex team to review everything in detail before we launched the updated website.
Install Woo
We installed WooCommerce to handle the online product catalogue functionality, including categories, images, attributes, and more.
Request a Quote Plugin
This plugin turns a traditional "online shop" into an "online catalogue." Rather than adding a product to cart and proceeding through a checkout, customers fill out a form to request a quote on a product.
Additional Plugins
We also installed and configured various plugins to allow for additional functionality within the catalogue, including custom product tabs, filters, and a megamenu.
What MyWork did

The solution

Referring to the pre-existing PDF product catalogue, MyWork worked with Power Flex to determine the data structure and hierarchy for their new online product listings.
MyWork configured some example products in Woo based on this. After a quick Zoom and the creation of some step by step tutorials for Power Flex to explain the new functionality, they finished populating their products in the catalogue using the structure we built.

The new “Products” section on the website showcases Power Flex’s wide range of electrical cable products for customers in various industries.
Instead of scrolling through a PDF catalogue, customers can explore the product categories and refine results using the product filters to find the specific cable they need. They can then easily request a quote using the form available on the product pages.

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Power Flex Cables

Ecommerce (Woo)
Client testimonial
Thank you, it looks awesome! Thanks so much for your help and support and work bringing this together.
Emma Brown
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