Reload Media

A long running business relationship goes full circle from partner to customer, with MyWork honoured to be entrusted with redesigning the Reload website.
Website (WordPress), Web Maintenance
Reload Media

The client

On of the leading digital marketing agencies in Australia. Since 2008, Reload Media have honed their client-centred approach to set themselves apart as a digital agency that takes the time to truly understand their clients.
What was required

The brief

Shared group chat for improved communication
Wanting to ensure fast and easy communication flow, a cross company chat capability was preferred to relay feedback and notify changes.
Website redesign
The new website needed to reflect their updated logo and highlight the Reload team as a key component of the design.
Fast and efficient
Their website needed to load quickly, only the best WP Engine hosting would do.
Digital strategy to maintain SEO positioning
As a leading digital marketing agency, maintaining excellent attention to detail in their own digital presence was key. The reloaaunch needed to be seamless and not impact Reloads stellar rankings for important keywords.
What MyWork did

The solution

As a prominent player in the digital marketing arena, it was crucial that the new website not only looked visually impressive, but also upheld the amazing Google rankings Reload had worked hard to achieve.

To assist in a strong ongoing Google ranking, fast website load speed and adherence to best practices in site speed optimization are essential. This was a key consideration in the redesign and build of the new Reload website. Hosted on WP Engine, our preferred hosting platform for all WordPress websites, the MyWork team are able to ensure best in class hosting and site speed for the Reload website.

We set up a cross company Slack channel between MyWork and Reload, allowing for immediate communication between various team members on either side. This lead to fast and natural communication and feeling like one big team working toward the same goal.

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Reload Media

Website (WordPress), Web Maintenance
Client testimonial
Thankyou SOOOO much for turning this around so quickly. I LOVE IT!!
Emily Standley, General Manager of Commercial - Reload Media
Post completion

The results

As a result of the successful design, build and launch of the new Reload website back in 2019, MyWork was again entrusted to update the website a few years later when Reload Media updated their corporate branding for the first time in many years.

With a fresh coat of paint and upgrades to a range of key pages, the Reload Media website continues to stand the test of time, and is indicative of the strength of the ongoing partnership between MyWork and Reload.

MyWork is a key website design referral partner for Reload, having collaborated together to help many clients over the years. Reload is able to point to their own website as a testament to the trust developed between the two agencies.

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