MyWork adapted to Valyr’s evolving business requirements, establishing an effective landing page as the foundation for their future growth.
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The client

Valyr is a leading technology manufacturer and distributor. They specialize in creating advanced technological solutions that safeguard and enhance the operations of businesses.
What was required

The brief

Valyr did not have a previous website, so they needed a fresh WordPress website built to display their limited content in a professional manner. We used anchored menu items and a sticky header, allowing the user to easily scroll through the page. A slideout contact form was also included in the design, allowing the user to make an enquiry no matter where they are on the page.
To future proof the site, we installed WooCommerce and used it to set up Valyr's first 3 products for the security market. When they are ready to enable online shopping in the future, the products are already there in the Woo dashboard, ready to go.
What MyWork did

The solution

Valyr originally signed up with MyWork in 2021, planning to create a wholesale eCommerce website for their range of security products. However, internal business demands and evolving requirements meant their online shop project got put on the backburner.

By the time they were ready for us to begin building, 3 years had passed! We were excited to finally get started. Valyr decided that at this stage they simply needed to display their products, rather than allowing customers to purchase them online. More importantly, after a few years with no online presence and no way for potential customers to find information about the business, the goal had changed to “just get a website up and running ASAP.”

It was decided that checkout and wholesale functionality should not be available to the user yet, and we would use the limited information which was available to create a professional one page website. Once we got the OK, we got a Coming Soon page up and running within days, with the Valyr site launching shortly after.

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Client testimonial
Thanks for your amazing patience on this.
Allen Jacobsen, IT Team Leader
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