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What makes us unique

So your Shopify store looks great, and your website is live, but is your ecommerce store ever really ‘finished’? So long as your business is growing, your store also needs to expand and evolve with it.

Sooner or later you’re likely to need technical support, want to add a new service page or product to your website, update your apps, or maybe you just need someone to show you how to edit things for yourself.

With Shopify COMPLETE, we’re with you every step of the way. Need a change or fix on your website? We’ll take care of it. No fuss or delays, just dependable, responsive service from our team.

MyWork built our first website in 2011 which has been upgraded to Shopify in 2018. We appreciate the great job MyWork did in the past 12 years and we are looking forward to working with them to bring our business to the next level. Highly recommend!

Karen Willis | Owner WheatBags Australia
The checklist

What you get with Shopify COMPLETE

Website Design Updates

Web Development

Priority Support

Content Optimisation

Website Design Updates

Audits & Recommendations

A full design audit on your website to identify important user-experience improvements and/or issues to be fixed.

Design/Layout Changes

When you need quick website updates like swapping an image, text or colours. We’ll take care of it in no time.

New Page Creation

Continue expanding and adding to your website with new pages and content, to better serve your customers and tick Google/SEO requirements.

Design Fixes & Minor Design Refresh

When you need to breathe new life into your website and rejuvenate traffic, a quick design refresh could do the trick.

Web Development

Site Speed Optimisation

Lift the hood on your website and let us fine-tune it to maximise loading speeds, quota usage and more.

App Install & Setup Assistance

If you need special functionality on your website, an app could do the trick. Ask our developers to see what plugin suits your needs.

Online Form Creation

Website forms eliminate paperwork and make collecting information so much easier. Have our expert team create a form for your operation.

Code Review

Over time, Shopify stores can become cluttered with custom scripts, apps and more. We can help untangle the mess and provide best-practice advice.

Priority Support

Priority Phone & Ticket Support

Our clients’ favourite. Access anytime to our web support team, no questions are too big or too small. We’ll help you.

Shopify Troubleshooting

Shopify websites are made up of many moving parts. If an app or custom code fails, it can affect the rest of your site. We can pinpoint issues and provide solutions for your Shopify site.

'How To' Instructions & Guides

Not everything needs to be done by a web developer these days. We can provide instructions on how to edit your website yourself.

Access Real-Time Google Analytics

We’ll keep you updated about your website traffic so you can make better strategic business decisions. Stay on top of what’s performing well and what’s not.

Are you getting the most out of your Shopify store?

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Frequently Asked Questions

With MyWork COMPLETE, you’ll receive an all-inclusive website package that covers all the necessary costs and work associated with having a website.

The MyWork COMPLETE package includes all the things you’d expect to see from an all inclusive website package. Domain management and support, but it also includes much more.

We include 1 hour per month of website labour into the package which you can use at any time during the year for:

  • Website design updates
  • Website development changes
  • Digital marketing setup
  • Content optimisation
  • Priority support & guides

Our team will help to take your website to the next level with audits and  recommendations on how best to make use of your COMPLETE time.

If you have a website, MyWork COMPLETE is an essential service for you.

For a website that we didn’t build and have have never worked on before? Naturally, yes there is a setup cost involved. However, this isn’t without value or reason.

As part of the onboarding process, the expert team at MyWork will:

  • Setup a connection between our Shopify Partner Portal and your Shopify site so that any of our expert team members can easily access the site to perform required work
  • Perform a full website design audit and review where George, our Creative Director will thoroughly go over your website with the intent to offer guidance, advice, and opinion on things you’re doing well and things that could be improved. From this, you’ll essentially receive a to do list of items that you can either make your way through internally, or re-book for our team to additionally take care of as part of your included hours.
  • This review also gets our team up to speed on your sites inner workings, allowing them to perform changes more quickly than if we hadn’t (saving you time and money). 
  • If you have a to do list in mind and are wondering how many hours each item might use from your included time, we will quote and advise on any of your initial queries and/or to do list as part of the website review.


This also applies if it has been more than 24 months since we last worked on the site, or if there has been significant changes since we last worked on it. 

MyWork’s COMPLETE package is able to me paid either annual or monthly. Starting at $220 exGST per month, it’s already an affordable option for all your ongoing website needs.

These ongoing hours accrue to a maximum of 12 when paid monthly or annually, giving you plenty of time to use them. 

MyWork COMPLETE functions as a pre-paid service, giving you sufficient time to use the included labor hours. Any requests for your website will be allocated in hours and tracked within your package, with no need for separate quotes or invoices. This is particularly useful for urgent requests which can be actioned swiftly without all the fuss of waiting for quotes and approvals.

If you build a new Shopify website with MyWork, the first 3 months of COMPLETE are included at no additional cost. And if you ever run out of hours, you can easily purchase a COMPLETE Top-Up.

  • MyWork COMPLETE Monthly – Each month you accrue one hour of COMPLETE time. Unused hours can roll over and  accumulate month-on-month up to a maximum of 12 hours. Accumulated hours can be used all at once or separately. 

  • MyWork COMPLETE Annually – By paying annually you unlock your full allocation of 12 MyWork COMPLETE hours immediately . These can be used all at once or separately. MyWork COMPLETE hours do not roll over year-on-year.

No worries, our expert team can provide quotes for from our hourly rate of $220 ex GST.