Engaging Effectively On Facebook

If you’re interested in our affordable web design, you’re probably also keen to utilise other inexpensive, yet effective ways to promote your business. Currently, one of the most popular ways to do this is via a Facebook page. People “Like” the page, you use the page to connect with the “Likers” and advertise the business. Seems simple – but as you’ve probably seen, so many companies get it wrong. How can you run the page effectively without your posts getting annoying? Here’s how to make sure the “Likers” are getting the most out of your business being in their News Feed.

Keep It Fun

Why do people go to Facebook in the first place? Boredom. They are there in search of entertainment. So who says promoting your business can’t be entertaining? People giving you a “Like” means they want to keep up with your business, they want to be part of your audience. Give them boring posts to read, they’ll switch off. Make your posts interesting, funny or informative and they will engage. If you entertain your readers, they will think of your business more favourably, and you will avoid the dreaded “Unlike” or being hidden from their feed. Ideally, your Facebook posts should blend into their feed of photos, jokes and anecdotes like you’re just another friend, not an ad interrupting.

Mix It Up

Posting diverse content on Facebook is great for keeping things interesting- not everything you post has to be directly connected to selling your product or service. You can post links, videos, talk about developments in your industry, what’s been going on in the shop or the office, put up some photos of your colleagues.  Try to keep it varied, but relevant to the business. When you do post about your products and services, it should always be useful in some way. The audience have seen enough desperate attempts to get engagement. For example, a big no-no is trying to get likes for no reason: “How many likes can we get for this picture of a cat?” If your audience like something you post, they’ll “Like” it. They don’t need to be pressured.

Get Involved

Remember, people actually do want to be informed about any special offers or sales you have going. Being in the loop for special offers is something that benefits your audience, so don’t be afraid to tell them how much they can save. Trust me, they’re interested. Another thing that can make business pages annoying is when they post constantly and pointlessly. If you post when you actually have something to say, it means people will continue to bother reading instead of skimming. To keep it interesting, make sure you do a couple of posts outside business hours. People are online 24/7, not just 9 to 5. And this shouldn’t really need to be pointed out, but Facebook is a social environment. Don’t be afraid to respond to people on your page when they ask you a question or make a comment.

Finally, make sure you have a link to your Facebook page on your official website. Make it easy for people to find you, post enough fun, helpful things and they will “Like” you much more!

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