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Helping koalas live healthier, happier lives

We’re proud as punch to announce that over just 4 short days, our team nailed the challenge of rebuilding the Koala Hospital website. 

Recently, the Port Macquarie Koala Hospital reached out to the MyWork team with a big problem.

In the wake of the devastating NSW bushfires, the Koala Hospital was inundated with support from individuals wanting to do their part in helping one of Australia’s most vulnerable native animals.

The Koala Hospital’s website jumped from averaging 200 visitors per day to over 300,000. The overwhelming volume of enquiries was enough to cause the Koala Hospital’s original shared server to crash.

With their website down and the huge influx of support still attempting to flow in, the Koala Hospital needed a reliable, appropriately scalable website solution, and they needed it fast.

As an Australian owned and operated company, the plight of the Port Macquarie Koala Hospital was one close to our hearts.

Upon hearing of their problem, the MyWork team immediately knew that the best solution would be a migration to superstar eCommerce platform – Shopify.

Fully scalable and customisable, we knew that Shopify offered everything the Koala Hospital needed to be a fully functional, easy-to-use and rock solid under even the hugest influxes of traffic.

In addition to the aforementioned requirements, the website also required the real-time generation and sending of customised adoption PDF certificates. Turning this around in a short window of time was a challenge for the MyWork team, but one that we happily took on and delivered to the satisfaction of our friends at the Koala Hospital.

The familiar simplicity of Shopify’s checkout process has meant that the Koala Hospital is experiencing more transactions than ever. Four days since the launch of the new site, the Koala Hospital has received over 12,000 orders from supporters right across the world.

The Koala Hospital is an organisation doing remarkable things for some of our most unique Aussie creatures. Immediately, we felt an affinity with their cause.

Turned around in just 4 short days, we are proud to have created a results-driven Shopify website that is already helping koalas live healthier, happier lives.

To adopt a koala, head over to the Adoptions tab on the new website and check out some of Australia’s sweetest and furriest faces.

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