The MyWork blog returns

We’re not usually the type to be interested in New Year’s Resolutions. In our collective experience, promises of new diets, intense exercise regimes and rigid saving tactics often fall short once the sparkle of the new year has worn off.

Even so, we believe that the beginning of a new year does bring with it an opportunity; not to start a different life, but to make small changes to the one that we’ve already built.

For our team, 2020 means sharing more with our supporters.

It’s been a long time between drinks for the MyWork blog (870 days, to be exact) but we are excited to get back to blogging in 2020.

We are looking forward to sharing industry news, helpful DIY tips to enhance your web presence, upcoming trends and updates on some of the work we’ve been plugging away at from behind the curtain.

We’ll also be compiling more case studies to demonstrate the real impact of a website built by MyWork.

Since we were last posting, a lot has changed for us.

MyWork began with the belief that every business needed a website. Over 10 years later, that belief is universally understood.

As we continue to deliver web projects that we are passionate about, we don’t just believe that every business needs a website, we believe that every business needs a website that works.

To us, this means focusing on industry-best services to deliver a website that is reliable, professional, and as easy to use for your customers as it is simple to update for you. Using Google Cloud, Microsoft Office, Shopify and WordPress, we’ve created a host of services that will arm you with the tools to succeed online.

Since our last post, we’ve also refreshed MyWork’s branding and our clever in-house designers have given our website a makeover from the inside out.

So, keep checking back here to keep up to date with the new and improved 2020 MyWork blog.