Our Top Picks of Shopify Apps in 2024

Having the right app on Shopify can supercharge your store in ways you didn’t think were possible.

An app could be the missing piece that takes your business to the next level, so it’s important to stay up to date with available and trending apps on the Shopify App Store.

Short on time? Check out MyWork’s top picks for Shopify apps, as of May 2024:

1. Klaviyolink

Klaviyo is a powerful Shopify app that boosts your marketing through personalized email and SMS campaigns. It’s perfect for building strong customer relationships and driving sales. Klaviyo helps you create targeted, data-driven strategies to engage customers at every stage.

Top tip: Segment your audience based on behavior and preferences to tailor your communications. Personalized messages resonate more, leading to higher engagement and conversion rates. Regularly review your analytics to refine your campaigns.

2. Locksmithlink

Locksmith gives you enhanced control over your online store with advanced content protection and access management. Ideal for businesses needing to restrict access to specific pages, products, or content, it allows for gated content and exclusive offers tailored to different audiences.

Top tip: Regularly review and update your access permissions to ensure content remains relevant and secure. Avoid a ‘set and forget’ approach!

3. Smile.iolink

Smile.io helps build loyal customer relationships through customizable loyalty programs. It’s great for rewarding repeat purchases, referrals, and social media engagement with points-based, VIP, and referral programs.

Top tip: Keep your reward offerings updated and communicate them clearly. This keeps your loyalty program engaging and encourages continuous participation.

4. Stamped Product Reviewslink

Stamped Product Reviews boosts your online credibility by collecting and showcasing authentic customer reviews. It’s perfect for enhancing social proof and building trust with potential customers through ratings, reviews, photos, and videos.

Top tip: Engage with your customers by responding to reviews and encouraging detailed feedback. This shows you value their input and enhances your store’s credibility.

5. Bundles.applink

Bundles.app helps increase average order value by offering product bundles and discounts. It’s perfect for optimizing inventory and providing value to customers with custom product bundles that encourage more purchases.

Top tip: Experiment with different bundle combinations and track performance. Regularly refresh your bundles to keep offerings appealing. Avoid a ‘set and forget’ approach with this app if you’re serious about optimising sales!

6. B4B Variable Productslink

B4B Variable Products offers greater flexibility in managing and selling products with multiple variations. It’s ideal for businesses selling items in different sizes, colors, or attributes.

Top tip: Clearly label your product variations and use high-quality images and detailed descriptions to enhance the shopping experience and reduce confusion.

7. YouPaylink

YouPay simplifies the checkout process by allowing customers to share their shopping carts with others who can complete the payment. It’s perfect for gift buyers and group purchasing.

Top tip: Promote YouPay as a gift-giving solution during holidays and special occasions to attract more users and drive sales.

8. Instafeedlink

Instafeed integrates Instagram feeds directly into your online store, showcasing your social media content to engage customers and drive conversions. Great for visual marketing, great for social proof, great for demonstrating recency. As long as you’re active on Instagram 😉

Top tip: Regularly update your Instagram feed with high-quality, relevant content that reflects your brand’s aesthetic and promotions to captivate visitors.

9. Search & Discoverylink

Search & Discovery enhances the shopping experience with advanced search capabilities and personalized product recommendations. It’s perfect for improving product visibility and customer satisfaction.

Top tip: Continuously monitor and adjust your search settings and recommendation algorithms based on customer feedback and performance metrics. This ensures customers quickly find what they’re looking for.

Don’t waste time looking up how to build custom functionality on your Shopify store – there’s probably an app for it. Check these out and see how they could benefit your business today. Need help with your Shopify website?