YouPay: A quick introduction to our next big thing

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Here at MyWork, we’re always looking for opportunities to bring more value to our customers.

One such opportunity is currently taking shape behind the scenes, in the form of a new eCommerce payment gateway that we’ve created ourselves. Introducing – YouPay!

YouPay allows you (the buyer) to give someone else the ability to pay for your shopping cart. Fill up your cart, proceed to checkout, and then send your YouPay link to someone else to pay. It’s that easy!

Not only that, it’s completely safe and secure (the buyer’s details are all kept private) and integrates seamlessly with all existing payment gateways, such as PayPal and Stripe. YouPay is perfect for making sure you get exactly the gift you want from your partner, or for allowing your kids to enjoy the online shopping experience without needing your credit card details. It’s also there for when you just can’t afford to buy everything you want – but know someone else who might like to buy it for you.

We’re still working out the technical details, but we’ll be bringing you a lot more news about YouPay as it gets closer to official release. Stay tuned!