Hey Google, Optimize My Website for Voice Search

Hey, Google!

Have you jumped aboard the home assistant bandwagon? Be it Google, Siri or Alexa, these AI-controlled devices are rapidly rising in popularity, ushering in a new, more personal age of connection between users and the world wide web.

In the past, search enquiries such as “mechanic Brisbane” were the norm. Nowadays, with more and more people initiating their search through voice, search queries are becoming vastly more conversational. “Mechanic Brisbane” becomes “Hey Google, where’s the nearest mechanic?”


40% of all internet users in 2020 utilise voice search


What does this mean for your business? Gone are the days when you could build your website around a selective core of keywords and expect to rank. Now, you need to focus on addressing more conversational queries in a much broader sense, to help your website connect with the intent of your users- not just a few specific words.

Now that voice searchers are more likely to ask for businesses nearby, you need to make sure Google knows your location. Having an active Google My Business listing, along with a website that specifies your address or service area, is paramount.

If someone asks for the “best” local business, you’ll need a high Google Review score to even get a look in.

If someone asks open-ended questions like “how do I”, “what is the”, “where can I”, then you’d better have a page that explains how, what or where.

The best way to address the growing popularity of voice search is to build your website content around the concept of conversation. Your website needs to speak to your visitors the way you would talk to a customer face-to-face. If you address the questions and concerns that they might have, Google can use your website to provide an answer.

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