Athol Place

Existing MyWork customers, Dr. Toby Cohen, approached us to develop a website for this gorgeous, recently renovated, piece of Brisbane history.
Website (WordPress), Web Maintenance
Athol Place

The client

One of Brisbane’s oldest buildings, recent renovations have seen the unique 1860s Colonial Georgian stone terrace transform into a sophisticated Medical Office Suite comprised of consulting rooms, three individual medical offices and sessional suites.
What was required

The brief

Character and charm
The new website needed to be packed full of character and charm, just like the building itself
Connecting services
Athol Place houses four separate business entities, all of which needed to be represented on the website.
Let the imagery shine
When the building is this gorgeous, you just need to let the image speak for themselves.
What MyWork did

The solution

The provided imagery of the recently renovated building made designing and developing a website for Athol Place a breeze. The gorgeous Colonial Georgian building looks spectacular from every angle, so our job was really just to give the photography the space it needed to shine.

Having built websites for each of the four businesses operating out of Athol Place, we had an intimate understanding of each of the connected businesses as well as the rich history of the location itself.

Athol Place is the benchmark for character and charm in a modern office setting, making this website a pleasure to build.

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Athol Place

Website (WordPress), Web Maintenance
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The results

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