Brisbane Holiday Village

As COVID-19 travel restrictions began to ease, Brisbane Holiday Village went live with their new website. Immediately, their customer engagement statistics showed a major improvements.
Website (WordPress), Web Maintenance
Brisbane Holiday Village

The client

Brisbane Holiday Village is a fun, family-friendly holiday destination located in Brisbane’s southern suburbs. Offering a wide range of accommodation and entertainment options, Brisbane Holiday Village has hosted thousands of visitors from around the world.
What was required

The brief

Working together
Brisbane Holiday Village were working with marketing gurus Reload to improve their strategy, who referred them to MyWork
Surviving the pandemic
The pandemic shut downs gave them time to work on their online presence
Website redesign
Their website was in need of a design refresh. Their new look had to reflect their fun holiday vibe
Hit the ground running
Everything had to be ready to go once travel restrictions eased
Complex bookings
They needed a website that could handle a range of functions, such as displaying real time room information and availability, complex booking forms, and secure payment options
Fast and efficient
Their website needed to load quickly and help draw in potential visitors in difficult times
What MyWork did

The solution

Like many businesses in the holiday and tourism fields, Brisbane Holiday Village was hit hard by pandemic lockdowns.

Instead of waiting until things returned to normal, Brisbane Holiday Village partnered with Reload and MyWork to use the downtime to their advantage.

Our team worked with them to design a website that reflected their business and addressed the needs of their customers.

MyWork created a sleek, updated website with a modern look and the functionality to take their business to the next level.

By showcasing the many features of Brisbane Holiday Village and making it easy to check availability and book accommodation, their new website focused on improving the user experience to increase interest and sales.

The website went live with time to spare as travel restrictions were lifted and customers began planning their next holiday.

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Brisbane Holiday Village

Website (WordPress), Web Maintenance
Client testimonial
We’re really happy with our new website – and our customers are too! The team at MyWork were fantastic to work with, and the results speak for themselves.
Post completion

The results

As soon as COVID-19 travel restrictions began to ease, Brisbane Holiday Village and their new website were ready to go. And straight away, their customer engagement statistics showed a major improvement.

In the 30 days following the site launch, Brisbane Holiday Village saw a:

  • 10% increase in pages viewed per session
  • 7% increase in the average session duration
  • 13% decrease in the bounce rate
  • Most impressively, during that time the business saw a 52% increase in their conversion rate, a massive 113% increase in bookings, and a 44% increase in revenue.
  • Brisbane Holiday Village used their forced downtime to work on their online presence, and as a result have a modern, fresh, and functional website that continues to show real benefits to their business.

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