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Improve Your Emailing – 3 Simple Tips

Like the vast majority of you reading this blog, I receive and reply to a great number of emails every day. We each have our own ways of organising our inbox. What works for me will most likely not work for you and vice versa.

Have You Been Paying Attention?

So, I’m willing to bet you spend a lot of time on the Internet. Who doesn’t these days? It’s near impossible to avoid. It’s in our pockets, it’s in front of us at work, it’s connected to our TVs, and sometimes even our fridges! Inventions

Can you make it BIGGER!

The following is a few feedback requests that every web designer has encountered before. Working with a designer, you yourself may have even actioned such requests. I want to go through these statements and try to explain why they may not always be the best

Developing a Kick-Ass Company Culture

Every person to have been employed by MyWork over the years has taught me something invaluable about our company and how to make it better. I have learnt important lessons about our business from those who are pretty much ‘rusted on’, having been with us

What’s all this about quality content and Pandas?

Panda is the name of one of the algorithms used by Google to decide the order in which sites will rank in their search results. Panda is specifically designed to cull sites with low quality or ‘cut and paste’ content. It became known to many

On Page SEO Guide – 3 Easy Steps

Optimising a page for a specific key phrase involves many steps. My blog today will focus on what I consider the three quickest steps that will give you the most “bang for your buck”. This blog post is written to help the non-SEO minded person

From One Intern to Another…

As a journalism student the importance of having “real world” experience is drilled into you from the very first lecture – there are only so many things that can be learnt from a text book. This idea of hands on education somewhat contradicts our initial

4 Tips For Training A New Employee

We recently hired a new Office Administrator here at MyWork, which is the role I have had for the past year. This means it is my responsibility to train our new employee Kristie, answer any questions she has and generally look after her until she

5 Cool Web Development Resources

Codrops Playground I’ve come across this only recently and I can tell you there is some pretty cool stuff in there.  From effects to styles, from animations to interaction, the Codrops playground has got a lot of cool things. Font Awesome Font Awesome is

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