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Confessions of a Plant Killer

“Buy an office plant”, they said “It will be fun”, they said WRONG! From over-watering to under watering and too much sunlight to not enough sunlight, there’s no denying that an office space is a challenging environment to raise a plant. If you’ve attempted to

Social Media and the Workplace

First things first, if you are on social media you are probably guilty of stalking at one time or another. Whether it’s shamefully checking in on an ex on Facebook, trawling through a celebrity’s baby photos on Instagram (Hamish Blake’s son is the ultimate exception


Google officially confirmed that they are now receiving more searches from mobile devices than on desktop computers across 10 countries, including the US and Japan. As a result a new algorithm change has been rolled out, which has been nicknamed ‘mobilegeddon’. The update is aimed

Googles ‘Mobile Friendly’ Move

Users are now accessing the internet on mobile phones and various other devices at an ever increasing rate, even surpassing desktop users in the United States. This shift in technology has dramatically changed the way we access internet content. The increase in mobile phone internet

How to Format Support Queries

When something isn’t working on your website, it is easy to get caught up in a fit of rage and send off a very bland email literally writing “My website isn’t working. Please Fix.” While this will get attention, it won’t get your website fixed

How We Build Websites

We’re working on a new project at MyWork. It is something we’re excited about. This new project will not only improve how we run our company, but hopefully allow other Web Design companies and freelancers around the world to improve their businesses as well. We’ll be revealing

Winning Business Combos

Recently reading the Steve Jobs biography, one of the recurring undertones that struck me was just how fortunate Jobs and Wozniak were to have met and struck a friendship that forged a successful (yet often controversial) business partnership. Despite being at totally different ends of

Why communication is important for Design

Clear communication is one of the most critical factors in fostering a positive relationship between the client and designer. Any misinterpretations or judgements can hinder a successful business bond and lead to negative connotations. As an outside source, we obviously don’t know as much about

The Fastest Way to the Top of Google

It’s true: The fastest way to the top of Google is to pay to be there. But you might be surprised to learn that it’s not always the one with the deepest pockets who comes out on top. Google’s AdWords is an excellent means of

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